Authors: Shamim K , Shabana M


Pregnancy in non-communicating rudimentary horn is rare. It occurs following transperitoneal migration of sperms or zygote. Uterine rupture usually occurs in 70-90% cases in the second trimester by 20 weeks. Diagnosis of rudimentary horn pregnancy and its rupture in a woman is difficult. It can be missed in routine ultrasound scan and in majority of cases it is detected after rupture. It requires a high index of suspicion. We report two near miss cases of ruptured rudimentary horn pregnancy which was misdiagnosed as intrauterine pregnancy with ruptured uterus and ruptured ectopic pregnancy; respectively.


 Unicornuate uterus, non-communicating rudimentary horn, pregnancy


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Two Near Miss Cases of Hemoperitoneum Due to Ruptured Noncommunicating Horn of Unicornuate Uterus in Primigravida