Authors: Umelo FU , Umobong EO


We report an unusual case of vagina Pyogenic Granuloma (PG) formation 4 months after marsupialization of Bartholin’s cyst. A 42 year old nulliparous woman underwent marsupialization for Bartholin’s cyst of the right labia majora. Following seemingly uncomplicated surgery and recovery, she presented with vaginal pain and post-coital bleeding of 3 months duration approximately 4 months postoperatively, and was found to have a pinkish-red growth on the lower third of the right lateral vaginal wall which bled on contact. The cervix was healthy looking. The vaginal growth was excised, and the overlying vaginal skin was then closed. She then made an uneventful recovery. Histopathological examination of the specimen showed tumor line by squamous epithelium with marked acanthosis and papillomatosis. The subepithelium was oedematous with proliferation of vascular channels, haemorrhage into the stroma and lymphoplasmacytic infiltrates. No malignancy was detected. The histopathological features were consistent with PG of the vagina. Pap smear result was normal.



 Pyogenic granuloma, Marsupialization, Bartholin’s Cyst

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Pyogenic Granuloma of The Vagina: An Unusual Complication of Marsupialization of Bartholin’s Cyst