Authors: EL-Guindy A. (MD) , Rabei N. (MD), Mohammed N.(MD), Hassan N


The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of the antichlamydial antibodies in patients with tubal factor infertility and to investigate the role of antichlamydial antibodies as a screening test for tubal factor infertility. An observational case control study. Setting: Ain Shams Maternity University Hospital. Patients and methods: The study population consisted of 70 women of the reproductive ages (17- 40yrs), who had tubal factor infertility diagnosed by hysterosalpingogramor laparoscopy, and attended the infertility clinic of Ain Shams Maternity Hospital for evaluation of their fertility problems. 30 healthy women, of a similar age group who attended the antenatal clinic during the study period, were enrolled as a control group.  All women were investigated for the presence of antichlamydial IgG antibodies in the serum by E.L.I.S.A. 21(30%) women had positive serum antichlamydial IgG in group I, while in the control group 2 (6.66%) women only were positive with highly significant difference between both groups.  There was no significance correlation of serum antichlamydial IgG with age, or duration of infertility.



Anti-Chlamydial Antibodies – Infertility

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Prevalence of the Anti-Chlamydial Antibodies in Infertile Women and Its Association with Tubal Factor Infertility