Authors: Elsokkary M. (MD)


To evaluate the prevalence of laparoscopic features of endometriosis in women complaining of infertility. 500 women complaining of infertility and presented at the infertility outpatient clinic of the hospital. Women were scheduled for diagnostic laparoscopy to evaluate their condition. Data was collected with a pre-designed proforma which included the socio-demographic characteristics and laparoscopic findings in various abdomino-pelvic organs.  Participants’ ages ranged from 20 to 35. During the study period, 92 cases of endometriosis were diagnosed out of the 500 infertile women seen. This gave the prevalence rate of 18.4%. The mean age of the women was 31.1±2.4 years and the body mass index was 30.2 ± 3.4 . 296 (59.2%) patients presented with primary infertility, while 204 (40.8%) had secondary infertility and were all primiparas . Chocolate cysts were found  to be bilateral in 34 (6.8%) patients and unilateral in 58 (11.6%). 34 (6.8%) patients had unilateral tubal adhesions, while 22 (4.4%) had bilateral adhesions. 452 (90.4%) patients had bilateral patent tubes while 27 (5.4%) and 21 (4.2%) patients had unilateral and bilateral tubal blockade respectively on dye test. 52 (10.4%) patients had adhesions at the cul-de-sac while 20 (4%) patients had  adhesions to bowel.


Endometriosis; Laparoscopy; Infertility

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The Prevalence of Endometriotic Typical and Subtle Lesions Seen at Diagnostic Laparoscopy for Women with Infertility