Authors: Ranjana Atal


Torsion of uterine adnexa is an important cause of acute abdominal pain where torsion of ovarian mass is quite common. Paraovarian cysts account for 10% of all adnexal masses. Small POC (Paraovarian Cyst) are common but large POC are rare and very rarely can undergo torsion. Fallopian tube and ovary being in close proximity to POC also undergo torsion along with it. It is usually found in childbearing age. High index of suspicion and prompt treatment is required to salvage the fallopian tube and ovary in such cases. We report a rare case of twisted paraovarian cyst with secondary torsion of ovary around infundibulopelvic ligament and fallopian tube.



Torsion of ovary, Paraovarian cyst, Torsion of adnexal mass

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Torsion of Paraovarian Cyst Resulting in Secondary Torsion of Ovary and Fallopian Tube