A Rare Case of Pregnancy with Eisenmenger Syndrome

Authors: Subul Bazmi, Shalini Malhotra, Faiz Zaman


A 29 year old primigravida patient admitted to Al Qassimi Hospital for induction of labor at 34 wks due to mild pre-eclampsia. She then went on to develop dyspnea. After a multidisciplinary approach in conjunction with obstetricians, anesthetists and cardiologists the patient was diagnosed as having Eisenmenger syndrome. She was managed in accordance with the protocols of the respective departments. The baby was delivered via an uncomplicated lower segment Cesarean section. Patient was managed in the ICU with multidisciplinary teams of doctors. She stabilized after the surgery and was discharged home in good health on the sixth post operative day on oral antihypertensives with a follow up in cardiology clinic and post-natal gynecology clinic.



 Eisenmenger syndrome, Cardiac disease in pregnancy, Right to left shunt

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A Rare Case of Pregnancy with Eisenmenger Syndrome