An Analytical Study of Multifetal Gestation in a Teaching Institute

Authors: Vijay C. Pawar, Shreya M. Oswal


Multifetal pregnancies are high risk pregnancies. The rising trend has necessitated this study in order to assess the associated high risk factors and emphasize for the availability of antenatal services to address them. This paper presents incidence, antenatal profile and maternal outcomes of multifetal pregnancies. A prospective study conducted in a teaching hospital over 2 years. Demographic features, antenatal profile, intrapartum and postpartum outcomes of cases were evaluated. Out of 18979 deliveries, there were 239 pairs of twins (1/79) and 6 sets of triplets (1/3163). Incidence was highest in age group 20 to 24 years. Amongst 245 cases, 243 (99.18%) were registered. Treatment for infertility was taken by 19 cases (7.76%) and 16 cases (6.53%) had family history of twinning. Maternal complications were anaemia (61.63%), preterm labour (35.10%) and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (26.12%). Out of 245 cases, 80 cases delivered by caesarean section and 7 cases needed caesarean section for second twin. There were 2 maternal deaths (case fatality 0.81%).Cause of death in both was acute respiratory distress syndrome secondary to antepartum eclampsia. Better surveillance, specialised antenatal services and improved neonatal care can reduce complications in multifetal pregnancies.


Multifetal pregnancy, twins, triplets

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An Analytical Study of Multifetal Gestation in a Teaching Institute