Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic through Narrative Literature Review


Saadia Ghafoor


COVID-19 pandemic is in its early stages and it is almost impossible to predict its future impact. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has alarmed the global community to the sudden outbreaks of viruses. This literature review is meant to provide historical context and current implications of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the global community and healthcare resources. It aims to present a review of various accredited studies about SARS-CoV-2, clinical presentation, point-of-care tests, disease course, and public health interventions. The composite collection of subtopics on COVID-19 within this review will enable its readers to focus on the current status and management of this global pandemic. Further well-focused, robust research and clinical trials are imperative to help us understand the mechanisms of disease transmission, incubation period, the exact duration of infectivity, the clinical course of the disease, molecular diagnostics, therapeutic strategies, and disease surveillance. 


COVID-19 outbreak, Coronavirus, Pneumonia, ARDS, Diagnosis, Infection, Prevention, Pandemic   

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Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic through Narrative Literature Review