Retained Fetal Bones as a Cause of Secondary Infertility: A Case Series

Authors:Kanika Ranjan, Rehana Najam


 The most common factors of infertility in developing countries like ours are uterine and fallopian tube factors. There is not enough literature on prolonged intrauterine retention of parts of the fetal skeleton even though it is a well-recognized cause of secondary infertility. Here, we present three cases of intrauterine retention of fetal bones who presented with secondary infertility with menstrual problems. All of them were relieved of their symptoms after hysteroscopic removal of bony fragments. We would like to emphasize the importance of taking a thorough history and clinical examination and evaluation with transvaginal ultrasound as well as diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy to establish the diagnosis and the removal of retained fetal bony fragments, besides other relevant investigations in patients with secondary infertility. Our study highlights, fetal bones in the uterine cavity may prevent conception similar to intrauterine contraceptive devices therefore we expect restoration of fertility after removal of retained fetal bony fragments. For precise diagnosis and efficient management of such patients, gynecologists need to be highly suspicious of this condition.


Secondary infertility, retained fetal bones, hysteroscopy

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Retained Fetal Bones as a Cause of Secondary Infertility: A Case Series